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Custom contact lenses are tailored for your exact eye shape. They're the best choice if you have struggled to get a comfortable fit. Experience vibrant eye colors with our colored contact lenses with power. Choose from a wide range of shades that suit your style and prescription needs. We fit custom contact lenses on post-RK, post-LASIK, and post-PRK eyes, as well as eyes with keratoconus, pellucid, or post-surgical corneal ectasia. When patients with blemished eyes are not candidates for a scleral cover shell, custom hand painted contact lens may be an option. These lenses offer a. Scleral lenses offer the ultimate in customization and correction potential. Designed to correct corneal irregularities including keratoconus, scarring, or.

Order contact lenses online from ContactDirect's wide range of top contact lens brands. Save $ with Annual Supply and get 20% off on the first order. Buy Colored Contacts Online. Shop Natural Color Contact Lens & Halloween Eye Styles. Non Prescription & Corrective Lenses. Learn about GP contact lenses, a newer technology than soft contacts. GPs offer great vision, easy lens care and a custom fit for your eyes. We can design a bespoke contact lens for you that will not only fit the unique chape of your eye perfectly but will be able to correct your prescription. Custom-made contact lenses need no different care than you would give to conventional ones. However, since they are made to last for longer periods before being. WAVE Contact Lens System - A sophisticated and robust custom contact lens software platform for designing customized Scleral, Ortho-K and RGP contact. Valley Contax is a custom contact lens manufacturer. We make gas permeable contact lenses including the Custom Stable scleral contact lens. And, like us, they make ordering prescription contacts easy, fast, and customizable. You know, the way it should be. Browse Contacts Cart. Manufacturing Contact Lenses of Highest Quality and Consistency · Lens modifications · Prosthesis cleaning · Scleral lens polishing. Your professional contact lens designer. We provide eye care professionals with specialty soft, corneal and scleral contact lenses for hard to fit eyes. They do make custom soft contact lenses but they are monthly lenses. They are typically pricey considering you need to pay for the fit and.

We don't do stamped colored contacts like other manufacturers; we hand paint. Having the most customized lab in the United States, we are able to focus on the. Custom soft contact lenses made for eye patients with hard-to-fit eyes. Toric, astigmatism, annular or aspheric custom multifocal contact lens fittings. ABB Optical Group is FDA-approved to manufacture custom soft lenses in three HEMA materials. Regardless of what patient walks through your door. CR Studios is a contact lens tinting lab specilizing in therapuetic and hand painted contact lenses. The custom soft lenses offer a wider range of parameters than conventional soft lenses for a more customized fit. From sphere to toric and irregular cornea. Rather than choosing clear contact lenses, you can opt for these custom color contacts, which add a tint of color to your eyes. Simply enter your current. A family of custom soft lenses to help you create precise, tailor-made lenses contact lenses or using contact lens solutions; Allergy to any ingredient in. We receive the highest quality of Gas Permeable contact lenses for our patients from Essilor Custom Contact Lens Specialists. However, what has kept us loyal to. As the most experienced specialty lens laboratory in the country, we've focused on partnering with practitioners to optimize correction for their visually.

We specialize in custom contact lenses and contact lens fittings for the greater Toronto area to restore vision and to restore cosmetic appearance. Custom Soft Lenses. From pediatric to presbyope, X-Cel's custom soft contact lens designs offer solutions for hard-to-fit eyes. The custom soft lenses offer. Moreover, it will cost you more bucks if you want your contact lenses customized to your specifications. Besides that, there are special effect lenses available. Upgrade your look with our high-quality prescription colored contacts. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to make your eyes beautiful and. Our RGP lenses are produced in high quality materials with DK 's from 50 to utilising proprietary software designs derived from many years of fitting and.

lenses — including custom-fit contact lenses specifically designed to correct astigmatism. What is an astigmatism? Your cornea is a clear, round dome that. A full range of custom contact lenses including lenses for dry eyes, astigmatism, multifocal, myopia control as well as tinted contact lenses is available. Our.

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